Travel Backpack + Day Pack + Cooler/Camera Bag in one

Travel Backpack + Day Pack + Cooler/Camera Bag in one

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The WAYKS ONE is a modular backpack that easily transforms from a Travel Pack to a smaller Day Pack + Camera or Cooler Bag.

How it works:
The Travel Backpack consists of two parts: the Day Pack and the Cube, its bottom compartment.
A strong zipper runs along the bottom of the Day Pack to attach the Cube. Simply zip off the Cube to turn the Travel Backpack into a smaller Day Pack.
You can detach the Cube and carry it by the handle, or wear it across the body or on a hip belt. It’s adjustable and padded inlay makes it the ideal camera bag. An insulating lining keeps drinks cool or food hot.

The fabric:
Both main and lining fabrics are water-resistant and made from recycled PET plastic bottles. For this, used plastic bottles are collected, shredded, cleaned, melted, formed into pallets, spun into yarn, and then woven into fabrics.

Ethical production:
The WAYKS ONE is produced by a bluesign® and Fair Wear Foundation certified manufacturer. The majority of its materials are also sourced from bluesign® system partners.
Bluesign® is a Swiss organisation, which certifies and assists companies throughout the fashion industry’s supply chain, helping them to reduce their environmental impact.
The Fair Wear Foundation works with factories to verify and improve their workplace conditions.