The Travel Vlog Family Christmas Special 2015

The Travel Vlog Family Christmas Special 2015

Hey Travelers,
I hope that you are having a Merry Christmas this year. The kids are so excited for Christmas this year and Amelia has a special Christmas performance at her school that we go to this year.

In this year’s Christmas video, we worked on all of the gifts that we sent to you, and we went to Mimi’s house for Christmas Eve to open Christmas gifts. When we got home, we went to bed so that Santa Claus would come and on Christmas morning we found Christmas presents in our living room.

On Christmas morning, our family opened Christmas presents, and we went to my sister’s house to be with our extended family.

If you are interested in any of the Christmas gifts in this video because you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, here is everything that was in this video:

Frozen Elsa Hat:
Batman Hat:
Thomas the Trains Magnetic Trains:
Remote Control Car:
Frozen Set:
Thomas the Train set:
Stuffed Elsa:
Stuffed Thomas the Train:
Dehydrator Book:
Cordless Dyson:
Amelia’s Roller Skates:
Jacques Roller Skates:
Amelia’s Bike:
Jacques’ Bike:
Princess Toothbrush:
Elsa Ornament:
Basketball Bathtub:
LED Headlamp:
Snoopy Toothbrush:
Zatar Spice:
Baseball Glove & Ball:
Fancy Tea Cup:
Ice Cream Playdoh Set:
GoPro Accessories:
Fire Starter:
Life Straw:
Cooking for Geeks book:
Baseball Bat:
Frozen Night Light:

Do you know how to say “Christmas” in other languages? In Chinese it’s 圣诞. In spanish it’s Navidad. In Portuguese it’s Natal. In Hindi it’s क्रिसमस. In Arabic it’s عيد الميلاد.

I also know that in Italian it’s Natale. In Japanese it’s クリスマス. In German it’s Weihnachten. In French it’s Noël. Do you know how to say “Christmas” in any other languages? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, let me know in the comments where you are watching from!

Happy Travels,
The Travel Vlog Family

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How do you say “Family Travel” in many of the world’s top languages? Here are several… سفر العائلة, 家庭旅行, voyage en famille, Familienreise, परिवार की यात्रा, viaggi di famiglia, 家族旅行, 가족 여행, familiereiser, viagens em família, семейное путешествие, viaje familiar, familjeresor, การเดินทางของครอบครัว. Do you know how to say “family travel” in any other languages? Let me know in the comments below!

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