New Cry Babies Fantasy, Pets Wave 2, I LOVE PETS Longest Hair Ever! New York Toy Fair 2020 IMC TOYS

New Cry Babies Fantasy, Pets Wave 2, I LOVE PETS Longest Hair Ever! New York Toy Fair 2020 IMC TOYS

I am in the IMC Toys booth at #NewYorkToyFair 2020! Like, subscribe, and share! I promise that you are going to love everything! New Cry Babies are coming! Exclusive SUSU #CryBabies doll, and remember Ruthy from the Advent Calendar? She’s available in a regular-sized Cry Babies doll, and she is just adorable! The new #Fantasy series of the large #CryBabiesDolls includes Jassy and Jenna, and they have magical unicorn outfits and whimsical face paint. There is one more that I do not know the name of as of right now, but she’s pretty cute!

New Cry Babies Good Night babies cries LED tears – perfect for bedtime, playtime, and nap time. It plays five lullabies and her face lights up tears – no more water, which makes her perfect for bedtime, travel, and pretends play.

Cry Babies third wave of mini dolls along with adorable Cry Babies bag tags! Cry Babies wave three have adorable accessories featuring more toys for the babies. The bag tags are perfect additions to your collection as they include even smaller versions of Cry Babies.

This is a huge sneak peek though – the new Tutti Frutti Cry Babies will be scented dolls and packaged in a smoothie shop bottle! Their smoothie shop bottle house also has a fun way to reveal your doll and her fruity accessories! This series will be out in 2021.

Check out wave two pets featuring new animals that also squirt water! They can also get golden accessories, and this line features all-new animals from a piggy to flamingo to dolphin to a rare, sparkly polar bear- perfect for Kristal!

Out now are adorable playsets with awesome features and are tear powered. Add water to watch the magic happen!

New Gold Tear Drops Cry Babies are available in Europe and will launch in North America soon. Look at how sparkly and golden these Cry Babies and their teardrop bottle houses are! So adorable, and highly collectible.

Kristal’s Igloo is a great playlet that includes the power of pretend and tactile play. Kristal is a Polar Bear themed Cry Babies doll, and this set suits her perfectly. The whole entire play-set has play and display value. You can also store your fake snow for later play in the included pouch!

New Fantasy Series Cry Babies dolls live in sparkly winged, bottle houses and this will be super glittery and full of fantasy and lots of whimsical accessories from newly redesigned bows and shoes; the fantasy line is full of surprises!

The Paci House is water operated – drop a few droplets of water inside and the house will pop open! The dolls in this line will be for series three. Inside you will reveal a wall of surprises that you dispense, which is so on-trend and fun for kids to reveal their accessories for their Cry Babies dolls. Fans of the Kitoons channel on YouTube will recognize the Paci Houses that the Cry Babies live in.

New for 2020 is the I Love VIP Pets! This is a totally new line for IMC Toys and will also feature a fun show featuring two hairstylists: Fabio and Fabia. Kids can wash, reveal, and style these adorable pets super long hair – this is the longest hair for this kind of toy-making the styling experience lots of fun! They are packaged in giant mousse shaped bottle, you can see their eyes, but that’s it. Use water to wet the towel, and the towel will dissolve completely. Reveal their makeup designs with water for a fun, unique look. They come with a bunch of accessories to help style your VIP Pet’s har, and Fabio and Fabia are on hand to give styling tips and comic relief.

Remember Bloopies dolls? Now they got the mini treatment are adorable collectibles! Packaged inside a water-activated seashell, reveal an adorable Bloopies Shellies. For my demo, the prototype wasn’t working, but of course, after I turn off my camera, it opened revealed an adorable mermaid doll to collect. The shell case is the perfect little purse to carry trinkets and the doll inside – perfect for display and play!

Finally, Play Fun is the games division of IMC Toys, and just like their awesome doll and surprise collectibles line, their games look like fun too! Be a rodeo superstar, administer a lie detector test, or become an eye doctor – there’s so much fun family gaming here, and you even have elements of pretend play where kids can take the games and turn them into play sessions. How fun!

What is your favorite from IMC Toys? I love everything! Seriously, the quality of their toys are really great and are a great bang for your buck. I am looking forward to the Good Night series because of the LED tears – what a cool idea!

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