Coronavirus in Japan: Who Should or Shouldn't come to Japan?

Coronavirus in Japan: Who Should or Shouldn't come to Japan?

“Should I still come to Japan?” A lot of people have upcoming trips to Japan and have been asking me this important question. So in this video, I’ll give you my thoughts on who SHOULD or SHOULDN’T come to Japan. I’ll also share some things that you should be aware of if you do come here.

Currently, we’re seeing a decrease in tourists as more and more people opt out of traveling to Japan with the coronavirus outbreak. However, some of you may be in that tough spot where you’re trying make this decision. Maybe you won’t be able to get your tickets and accommodations refunded. Maybe you’re worried of becoming ill, maybe you have family members and friends urging you not to go. Whatever situation you’re in, I hope that the things I share with you today will help you make the right decision.

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