2 Newfoundland National Parks! – Travelling in an RV Across Canada

2 Newfoundland National Parks! – Travelling in an RV Across Canada

Today we finish visiting Gros Morne National Park, before heading off to Terra Nova National park, in Newfoundland Canada. Busy day in the life while travelling in an RV but who can complain out here!

G’day folks! Today we wrap up in Gros Morne by walking the Tablelands, which is the Earth’s mantle exposed through the Earth’s crust. The hike/walk was an easy one and we’ll worth seeing in the Gros Morne National Park area, only a short drive from our previous RV vlog hiking spot and yet so different. The mantle is only exposed in a few locations in the earth I believe making this a unique Newfoundland rarity. Super cool.

Getting to the park we had to leave our beautiful free campsite / Boondocking site for the night outside of that cemetery in Trout River. That town was ridiculously stunning to gaze upon from our RV dinette, truly an amazing area and yet so unpopulated. It was also very Newfoundlandish with heavy accented folk and plenty of quadding to be had. It’s the real deal in that town and right near the Tablelands area for a visit.

After finishing up at Gros Morne it was time to get the RV back on the road and continue the journey East. We spent a couple of nights at Walmarts along the interior of the province, to arrive at our next, and farthest East national park in Canada, Terra Nova!

We learned that Terra Nova national park is made up of bog lands down in the valley with a unique dense miss specific to bogs. We spent a night camping there to enjoy a night of RV hook ups and be at a campground again for once too and it was lovely. The next morning after checking out we also found that awesome viewpoint.

Anyways, thanks for checking out today’s adventure of travelling in an RV. Next RV vlog will he out Wednesday so have a great weekend!

Luke and Alysha

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