"2.5%" – A film promoting conscious travel in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

"2.5%" – A film promoting conscious travel in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

The tourism industry nets 8.5 trillion dollars annually. We as travelers have the power to do great good or great harm. Travel can be such a rewarding and life changing experience. The people we meet, the food we eat, the issues we’re exposed to – the humanity that ties us all together is what makes travel so special. What if we better understood how to give back to communities we visit? What if we all became conscious travelers?

Many of us strive to act in environmentally and socially responsible ways at home. But aren’t always aware of the impact we have on the places we visit, or how we can support them. That’s where iSeeiTravel comes in. iSeeiTravel is an innovative media company that encourages ‘conscious travel.’ We produce documentaries on responsible travel plus media services within the tourism industry.

This is the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Roughly half the size of Rhode Island, it comprises 2.5 % of the world’s biodiversity, 50% of Costa Rica’s species and is the last standing virgin rainforest on the Pacific coast of Central America. National Geographic recently named the Osa the most biologically intense place on Earth. Our Costa Rica documentary short and photo project is the first in a series of iSeeiTravel productions that highlight regions in the world where a little bit of conscious travel can go a long way.

The Osa Peninsula has reached a tipping point. This natural adventure paradise is already being negatively impacted by unauthorized development, and plans for an international airport and cruise ship terminal could further harm the fragile eco-system. As the tourism industry in the Osa continues to grow, the question is, will large scale commercial tourism undermine local efforts for sustainable development and conservation?

Twenty years ago, the northern Guanacaste region, a mecca for vacationing westerners, was an undeveloped treasure of white sand beaches and abundant wildlife. While much of Guanacaste still embodies these elements, foreign investment and development have since changed the landscape dramatically.

Your generous contribution will fund the completion of the film, including distribution through online media outlets, film festivals and partners who will use the film as a tool to raise awareness for conscious travel and responsible tourism development in the Osa. Join us in building a community of travelers that care.

Support this project and get a an original iSeeiTravel photo book, a snazzy t-shirt, or even a spectacular eco-lodge adventure in Costa Rica. The goal of conscious travel is to enjoy the world in a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling way.